Qualities to Look For in a Great Wedding DJ

January 15, 2017

Shopping around for your wedding vendors is always a major ordeal, and knowing what to look for can really help simplify the process. Because many couples are hiring a DJ for the first time when it comes time to plan their wedding, here is a look at key traits you should look for in a truly great wedding DJ.





Of course, a truly great DJ is also going to have the know-how to get the job done. How many weddings have they done? What can they tell you about the equipment they use? Do they know how to adapt setup to different types of spaces? Can they name tracks that you know only a few words to? Ask yourself, your DJ, and past clients of the DJ these types of questions to decide whether they have the knowledge necessary to pull off your event.




Every DJ is going to have a different personality, of course, so you want to make sure that the DJ you hire has the right personality for your event. After all, the DJ will not only be playing the music but also emceeing major events during the reception. If you know your wedding and reception are going to be on the conservative side, for example, then maybe hiring a DJ with a louder personality isn’t the best idea. A face-to-face meeting makes gauging personality simple. Try to assess whether they are affable, upbeat, witty, humorous, etc. and weigh it against what you imagine for your wedding.




How willing is your DJ to adapt to special requests? Are they DJ able to make special accommodations in setup, such as when a family member wants to perform a song? Do they listen and take note of your music requests? Did past clients find that the DJ was able to adapt to unexpected changes in the wedding and reception procession? Talking to past clients is a great way to assess how flexible a DJ is.




A truly great DJ will approach working any event with some sort of preparation process. Did the DJ offer you some sort of music preference questionnaire to fill out? Have they asked you or the vendor directly about equipment setup and special setup limitations? Do they seem to have a solid backup plan for anything that might go wrong? If the answer is “yes” to these questions, then that is a good sign that your DJ is going to come well prepared to work your wedding.




Finally, you’ll want to assess how reliable the DJ is. Talk to past clients about how reliable the DJ ended up being. Were they punctual? Did they come with all of the equipment they needed? How closely did the DJ adhere to any special requests?

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