The Pros of Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding

November 1, 2016


Band or DJ? It’s one of the first questions that newly engaged couples ask themselves when planning their wedding, and it can be one of the most difficult to answer. In case you and your spouse-to-be are facing this major question, here is a look at the pros of hiring a DJ for your wedding.


You have more music options.


The most obvious pro to hiring a DJ for your wedding is that you have a wide variety of music options to choose from. With a band, on the other hand, you are limited to which songs they know how to perform. Your DJ should be able to provide music from just about any genre, and he or she will generally be able to accommodate any special requests. Plus, you get to hear your favorite tracks from the original artists.


You have more control over your music.


With a live band, you generally have to wait until a song is ending before you can make any major transitions. A DJ, meanwhile, can easily transition between fast-paced music and slower music, and you can always request a change in music in the middle of a song if needed. You are also less subject to pauses in between songs when you hire a DJ.


It’s more affordable.


Another major pro is that wedding DJs are usually more affordable. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000 for a live band, whereas a DJ is much more affordable. (Our packages, for example, start at $400 plus $25 per hour.)


Your DJ has audio expertise.


Your DJ can also serve as your “audio expert” during the wedding. If a family member wants to perform a song for the happy couple at the wedding, for example, the DJ can bring the equipment and expertise necessary to accommodate that.


Your DJ can emcee the event.


DJs often also serve as emcees at weddings, announcing to guests when significant events are happening, keeping things running smoothly, and controlling the crowd as needed.


There are fewer restrictions.


Some venues have restrictions that govern what type of band can come to the venue. The venue might, for example, limit bands to three instruments. Or, the venue may simply not have ample space for a large band. When you hire a DJ, however, there are no band limitations to worry about. It is also easier to manage volume restrictions with a DJ that it is with a live band—which may only have one volume: loud.

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