Meet our DJs

Preston Boutsis

Meet our owner and founder. He has years of experience under his belt and he understands how to handle events of all kinds just right. Preston is passionate about providing a smooth agenda flow and checking on you frequently to assure your day is going just right for you. He's happy to do favors, whether you need help with moving tables during a transition or just want another drink from the cocktail bar, he's there to serve and assist with what he can! Preston gets engaged with the music, reads your guests and is well experienced in accommodating to music requests and dancing of all styles. 

Dalton Anderson

Look no further for a DJ who has the energy to keep your good vibes flowing. Dalton is a just an all around fun, people-person! He's great at keeping people involved when the party dies down a bit. He'll provide his 100% when it comes to entertainment for events big and small, even if that means leading the way on the dance floor. His hosting personality makes him very pending to help with what he can so don't hesitate to ask when you need something.